Member of the National Shiba Club of America

(NSCA) and the Shiba Club of Greater NY







                                       YUMI  Bali Hai's Moonlight Seranade  Prelim. OFA Hips & Patella good/normal, Eyes Cerf'd. clear
                              TOSHI  Bali Hai's Prelude To A Kiss  OFA Hips & Patella good/normal, Eyes Cerf'd clear.



                     ICHI    CH Bali Hai's Talk To The Paw  OFA Hips/Good, Patella/normal, Eyes Cerf'd. clear  (Major pointed)

      KINTARO GCH Bali Hai's Last Of  The Red Hot Lovers   OFA Hips/Excellent, Patella/normal, Eyes Cerf'd. clear

          * Kintaro finishes his championship title with 4 Majors & 2 singles. He will now be moving onto his career as a Special.*             



                        KANJI    CH Bali Hai's Living Legacy   OFA Hips & Patella good/normal, Eyes Cerf'd. clear



                                                                MOJO  Bali Hai's Mojo Risin'   OFA HIPs & Patella Excellent/normal, Eyes Cerf'd. clear.























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