Member of the National Shiba Club of America (NSCA) and the Shiba Club of Greater NY




I grew up around dogs since I was able to walk. Animals of all kinds have always been my passion. My mom bred Yorkshire Terriers when I grew up and maybe this had some kind of imprint on me to become a breeder. I started out breeding Miniature Pinschers in 1994 and then moved on to Shibas in the beginning of 1999. My husband Matt is the one to blame for my love affair for the Shiba. One afternoon he brought to me a dog fancy magazine who's cover featured the Shiba Inu. At this point in time, I thought I knew almost every breed known to mankind, but had never heard of the Shiba Inu. Matt was the one who pushed us into acquiring our first Shiba, Bali Ha'i. I sometimes wonder if he regrets it now because it has become almost an addiction for me. We now own eight and he swears they get better treatment then he does.






      We got into showing our dogs in the year 2000. I am a member of two breed clubs, The National Shiba Club Of America and The Shiba Club Of Greater New York for whom I have served as show chairman & currently hold the office of Vice President. I believe in supporting Shiba Rescue and have done some rescue work myself. I do at times have rescued adults available for adoption. I strive to produce the best Shibas I am capable of. I breed only for correct color, conformation and most importantly, temperament. I put the very best into my animals and have produced very healthy, sweet tempered puppies. All of my puppies are home raised in a family setting, not kennel raised. Each and every one of


      them are socialized around people, children and other animals from the day they are born. I have built lasting friendships with my puppy purchasers and stay in contact with most of them. They know I'm always here to answer questions or help with a problem. I take pride in the dogs I produce and try to place them in the proper kind of homes. I offer a full health guarantee against any congenital defects. Shibas are not for everyone, but if they are for you, consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world. **************************************** ****************************************** *****PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE....SPAY & NEUTER YOUR PETS!








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