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 *We do not have puppies at this time.

**Our 2012 Spring litters are currently on reserve. Our next litter will be planned for the fall. Reserving ahead is recommended..


                                                                                                                                                        Last updated 02/03/12


***HOTARO*** Red adult female will becoming available at the end of  2011, early 2012.


*FLASH*   Black & Tan adult male.     *Flash has been adopted by Cem & Nippa Esendal of Westbury, NY. Thanks Guys!! It's  reassuring to know he is in good hands with people that love him!!!


*CHO CHO SAN*  Red adult female.  *Cho Cho has been adopted by Kevin & Chelsea of Coram, NY.

Thank You for sharing your home with our sweet girl!!






Asia is no longer available for adoption. She is now living with Bill & Marylyn McTernan of Stonybrook, NY. Many thanks to the McTernan's for opening their hearts and home to Asia.  From last I heard Asia has taken to her new family like she was always their dog.  She adapted very quickly to her new surroundings!  I remember the day she left here..never looking back as she walked down the drive way, which tore at my heart a little, but at the same time actually gave me the reassurance she would be fine.

I knew at that moment she would be in her forever home living happily with people who love her.

        Bali is now living in MA with Christina & family. She was adopted just before she turned 8 years old. She is a wonderful shiba and probably the smartest one I think I will ever own. She is a special girl in many ways. Many thanks to Charlene Maxim of Cape Cod Shibas in helping me find Bali's forever home.

Dear Kathi,

Bali has been such a joy and a wonderful addison to our family. I wanted to give you an update on how she is doing. Bali has been spoiled rotten and has become quite popular in Shrewsbury. Bali's picture made it into the Shrewsbury Animal Rights Calendar and we are so proud of that. Anyone who meets Bali thinks she is so cute and thinks that she looks like a puppy. I have even had people come up and take pictures with her and give her Xmas presents and Birthday presents. Even though, I am only 16, I do treat her like my baby. All of my money goes to her! She has more designer collars (like coach) then I have clothing. All of my friends call her "Queen" Shiba because of all the stuff she has. We do spend a good two hours outside in my friends back yard with her dog. We are hoping that Bali can swim or learn to swim because we usually have the dogs along with us when we go to the pool. I think Bali is very happy with everything to the point. She does not like dogs or anyone by that matter near her house or her friends house. Her new hobby is barking at my older brother when he comes home. We don't get why she does that because she really likes him.



Miyoji is a Bali daughter. She just turned 2 years old in July of 2008. She is offered for sale because I have kept other puppies as show prospects and need to make room in my kennel. She is a red and has a beautiful thick coat. She can be an instigator for trouble, but is really a wimp. She likes to think she is tougher than she is. Whenever confronted she is the first to back off. I guess one could say she is feisty, but lacks conviction. She is on the smaller end of the standard in size. She has been socialized to other dogs and cats and gets along with most. She is offered for $ to the right home. Anyone interested should contact me for further information.

Miyoji has a new home with the Lood family in Nassau County, Long Island NY.








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