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You could not find a more delightful, life-loving, appealing dog anywhere in the world. Shibas, by and large, are healthy and long-lived and relatively undemanding of their owners. Their size is perfect: not so small that they can be misplaced and sat upon, as could a toy breed, and not so large that an owner can't whisk them into his arms and be on his way. Temperamentally, Shibas are trustworthy and loyal, alert, charismatic and intelligent. Shibas are clean, resourceful and great fun for children. However, no breed of dog is for everyone, and the Shiba is no exception. The Shiba is an independent dog that has a mind that rivals that of the smartest owner and must be handled firmly but lovingly. This is not a dog for the meek! Shibas are intense and serious dogs that can find a way to solve any problem. Yet, in true Japanese style, Shibas are as stubborn as they are independent and smart. Shibas can concentrate on a problem for hours and then work a way out of the dilemma. (Can Shibas think?-don't let them hear you say that!) A Shiba's training must begin as early as six to eight weeks of age. For other breeds, this may be too young, but the Shiba will start to work things out before you do and then convince you that you are doing them wrong. This is why they house break so easily. If you can except this breed for who it is and understand that Shibas need to be walked responsibly on leash or lead this may be the dog for you. Shibas are wonderful loving companion dogs and it's hard to own just one!




        Shibas are a double coated breed, so they do shed seasonally, which means twice a year. They tend to be extremely

        clean dogs, so a few baths a year is plenty. To over bath can strip the skin & coat of essential oils, so is not









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